Rainy Night

Rainy Night

A few things accompany me on this rainy night.

The first, an umbrella that stays in my car cause I’m not bright.


Then there’s my sneakers, which, by the way, are soaked.

My left sock feels like I swam through a moat.


A loyal fern satchel hangs at my side,

and it follows me fearlessly along for the ride.


This wrinkled wet cardigan clings to my torso.

It’s kinda useless, but comfy. This makes me love it even more so.


I munch on a cookie that’s giant, but bland,

and there’s some forgettable pop music by an unknown band.


This lady sits with me, half in shadow, partly in light.

She’ll run with me through puddles the rest of the night.


Storm drains to bushes, everything is dripping wet,

but with company like this, the night’s as good as it’ll get.


[Disposable poem 12/26/18]

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