Preorders Live for ‘Ragtag Gamblers’ & Other Updates

Preorders Live for ‘Ragtag Gamblers’ & Other Updates

Well folks, it’s finally time to release my new young adult space opera novel into the wild.

Ragtag Gamblers is its name, and it kicks off a fresh trilogy that follows the exploits of young Captain Selena Karmen and her oddball crew. The captain leads her crew with an eye that can see the future as they take on odd jobs, avoid the Galactic Federation, and maybe just save the galaxy from a swarm of planet-eating insectoids.

We can always use more stories in the vein of “Firefly,” a show taken far before its time. Ragtag Gamblers continues on in the fantastic tradition of following a roguishly clever crew as it drifts between the stars.

The book will be released on April 8, but it is available for preorder now for the bargain price of $0.99. Preorder it before the price goes up after the official release.

Folks, I’ve poured my heart into this crew. Anyone who has read my books and stories knows I’m a fan of character-driven stories. Narrative is important, but nothing takes top priority like the companions you’ll be traveling with on the literary journey.

Those of you looking forward to my book The Last Fire Mage will have to keep waiting a little longer, I’m afraid. I have received the first round of edits back from my publisher, and I’m working to get them fixed, but it’s a 150,000 word novel, so that’ll take a bit.

Ragtag Gambers is a 70,000 word novel, short enough that you’ll be able to enjoy it with a fast pace but deep enough to really give you a taste of the galaxy I’ve created as you eagerly await books two and three in the Ragtag series.

As for my current project, I’ve decided to assign it the title of Extraordinary People. It’s an epistolary superhero novel told entirely through collected police reports, court documents, newspaper clippings, transcripts, and more. You can follow along as I update that project here. It’s slow going, so only expect a new chapter every other week or so.

That’s a look at what’s on my writer’s plate right now. If you want to support me and ensure future stories, go preorder Ragtag Gamblers!


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