Author Interview: Desdemona Wren

Author Interview: Desdemona Wren

I happened to snag a little bit of time from LGBTQ+ author Desdemona Wren recently and asked her a few questions about herself and her upcoming book. She is the author of the Marjorie Diaz Series that starts with Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Magical High Society. That book can be found here. It’s out! Go get it!

Here’s my interview with the supernatural romance writer.

When and how did you decide to give writing novels a try?

I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was 13, but I never wrote a full-length novel until 2015. After that, I wrote 8 more, and now I can’t stop.

What drove you to write LGBTQ+ works?

I grew up in the middle of nowhere deep south, and I had zero representation. I felt alone, and the only time I ever got to see representation was through books, and even then I never really got to see the kind of representation I wanted. So, now I write.

Describe your muse for readers.

I don’t have a muse, to be honest. I know a lot of people do, but I do this for me. I don’t have anybody in my head that kicks my butt to write.

How did you come up with the idea for Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Magical High Society?

Basically, I was making fun of an old second person flash fiction I wrote in 2014 about this guy I had a huge gross obsession with. Then, I decided to rewrite it into a short story with actual characters, and I managed to get attached to them. So I decided they needed their own story.

Do you see any of yourself in Marjorie?

Sure. Marjorie has a horrid family life with abusive parents and siblings, and she has borderline personality disorder. Even though most of her personality is based on a close friend of mine, Marjorie and I have a lot in common.

What can we expect from Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Ancestral Politics & Foul Play, and when does it release?

Expect to have more questions than answers and to maybe also be really angry with me for writing this book. At least, that’s what my betas and editor have been saying.

One of the major themes to your Marjorie Diaz books seems to be keeping secrets. Will that continue to run throughout the series?

I mean, eventually, every secret comes out, and Marjorie gets her answers, but there are a lot of them. There are more in book 2 than in the first one. There are even a few in book 3, but by the 3rd book, every question gets answered.

For readers that have no idea who Marjorie Diaz is, can you describe her? What she’s like?

Marjorie is a 5’5 Mexican-American girl (who is part Colombian/Scottish) with light brown skin and short black hair. I’ve gotten some fanart for her and Patrick from Sophaaa on DeviantART, and it is really cute.

As for what she’s like…uh. She’s hard-headed and really emotional. She has a personality disorder, so she overreacts a lot. Marjorie will freak out over something other people perceive as “not a big deal,” and even a tiny amount of emotional strain is enough to send her into a huge panic. She is a very flawed main character.

What other projects are you working on right now?

A bunch of stuff, but my next release will be Nighthawks, the second in the Monster Love Novella series I wrote for one of my friends.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, what’s your Harry Potter house?

Slytherin, duh. I couldn’t have been anything else.

You can get her newest novel here.

Her Twitter can be found here.

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