My Books

My Books

Hey there! I’ve got some books, and you should read them. Why? Because if you do, it’s guaranteed to bring an extra $1 million into your life by 8:58 p.m. tonight! [Disclaimer: Reading my books will not actually bring you an extra $1 million into your life.]

I may not have as many books as Stephen King, but I’m getting there!


Starlight Taxi


Summary : Take a ride with the driver as he goes from planet to planet, picking up fascinating passengers and dropping them off at their destinations.

Being an intergalactic cab driver isn’t the worst job in the world. He gets to meet new people every day as he adds their tales to his own.

Set in the future, mankind no longer exclusively inhabits Earth. Instead, people left and terraformed other celestial bodies in the galaxy. When those people need a lift, they call Starlight Taxi, and the driver comes to pick them up.

Tanner County Tales.


Tanner County TalesSummary: Tanner County Tales collects a group of short stories that are all set in fictional Tanner County, Arkansas.

Each tale focuses on a different aspect of living in a rural area or a small town. It’s the essence of southern living told from the different folks who have chosen to call Tanner County their home.

The tales weave together and even share some characters to create a more complete picture of what it’s like to live in Tanner County. Whether it’s the 1800s or the 2000s, Tanner County has plenty of stories to share and a multitude of people to introduce.

See what life is like for a small town newspaper reporter struggling to avoid retirement. Watch a son struggle to decide whether he really wants to keep the farm he inherited from his father. Observe the dark secrets that a prosecuting attorney in a rural county is forced to carry. These are just some of the tales contained in Tanner County. The rest are waiting to be discovered.


Ragtag Gamblers

Firefly may have been your first space opera love, but this story will be your next!

Ragtag Gamblers kicks off the Ragtag trilogy, a new young adult space opera that follows Captain Selena Karmen, a budding crew leader with an eye that can see the future.

Her oddball crew travels the galaxy aboard the Gamble, searching for their next big payday. As they soar between planets and other celestial bodies, Selena and her crew will take on odd jobs, dodge the Galactic Federation, and maybe even save the galaxy from a swarm of planet-eating insectoids.

Before the end of this book you will fall in love with this crew, laugh with them, cry with them, and root for them to win it all.